Our commitment

Bak2, serving green technology and the circular economy since 2002

  • Reconditioning of digital products
  • Collection, buy-back, repair, traceability, all 100% in-house
  • Eco-responsible, social and inclusive

1 – 100% internalised, transparent and integrated “360 degree” eco-circularity model

We operate a complete circular economy model by buying back, repairing, recycling and reselling refurbished digital products. We manage all the major IT and mobile phone brands. We were pioneers, collecting our first used mobile phone in… 2002!

At Bak2, we don’t outsource a single task – everything is done in France, in the Hauts-de-France region.

This total integration means we can control and guarantee every stage of the reconditioning process, from collection to resale, guaranteeing very high levels of quality and durability for our products back on the market.

All collected products are carefully cleaned, ‘bleached’ (removing personal and professional data using professional business tools), diagnosed, repaired and refurbished to give them a second life.

Our processes are ISO9001 and ISO 14001 certified. Our information systems have a database of over 15,000 different digitalproducts. And we have received and processed more than 15 million digital products to date. Each product received is identified and traced in our custom-developed systems. Transparency and traceability are paramount.

What’s more, the corporate partners, distributors and local authorities from whom we buy back products for reconditioning are often also our customers, creating a virtuous circle within our community – the famous “360”

2 – Creating value through repair and reconditioning

By controlling the entire chain, from collecting and buying back old digital products to repairing and reselling reconditioned products in our own centres in France, we create value for our customers and partners while providing them with the necessary guarantees.

Thanks to the integrated “refurbished buy-back/take-back/resale” concept, Bak2 offers its customers and partners a unique turnkey solution for creating value by adding value to its assets (old IT equipment – computers, screens, servers – and telephony/smartphones), as well as providing the tools and reporting needed to measure the impact and ROI of their CSR actions around responsible digital.

3 – Solidarity and reduction of electronic waste

On average, of all the digital products we recover, 20% are unfortunately impossible to repair or too obsolete to be put back on the secondary market. We therefore dismantle them responsibly, use spare parts and recycle the rest to minimise their environmental impact . We are affiliated to the French eco-organisations Ecologic and Screlec for this final stage of the recycling process.

A growing proportion of our reusable products are part of our ‘solidarity digital kits ‘ for schools and neighbourhood associations working in areas with a pronounced digital divide.

These initiatives aim to promote digital inclusion and strengthen solidarity within our society. Through our various partnerships, we are already present in various locations in Hauts-de-France and the Rhône-Alpes region.

We are proud to have SSE (Social and Solidarity Economy)status , with a business model based on four cardinal values:

  • Responsible digital development,
  • Combating the digital divide,
  • Sharing wealth, in particular by donating part of our income to charities
  • Democratic governance within Bak2 with external representatives

4 – Our guarantee is based on our demand for quality

We draw on our 22 years of expertise to offer top-quality refurbished products that meet the most demanding expectations of users.

Although our digital products come with a 12- to 36-month guarantee, the low rate of returns on our products is the perfect indicator of the quality of our ISO 9001 and 14001-certified processes. This is a source of great pride for our specialist technical teams, who have been with us for a long time and are able to repair and upgrade our products.

5 – Eco-responsibility and CSR

Our raison d’être is firmly focused on eco-responsibility. We are committed to reducing our environmental footprint, maximising the repairability of the products we collect and encouraging responsible consumption through our range of high-quality refurbished electronic products for a wide and diverse audience. We are regularly audited to ensure the relevance, quality and accountability of our operations.

We are proud to be ECOVADIS Silver 2023 accredited for our CSR policy.

We have carried out a carbon footprint assessment and have taken steps to reduce our carbon footprint.

Since our creation, we have donated over €2 million to charity.

We offer our customers invaluable assistance in complying with environmental standards and recent legislation (REEN and AGEC). We take part in numerous round tables and think tanks on eco-circularity with the authorities, in particular ADEME and MEL (Lille European Metropolis).

We are a founding member of France’s largest trade association for technology product reconditioners, SIRRMIET (link to sirrmiet.fr), which we headed from 2013 to 2023. Today, SIRRMIET brings together the major players in the technology refurbishment sector and has become the voice and reference point for the authorities.

By choosing our refurbished products, you too can be sure of making an active contribution to preserving the planet while improving your CSR strategy.

6 – Traceability and environmental indicators

Our unique, proprietary information system, developed in-house and requiring over 20 years of development, traces every stage of our business in complete transparency, from collection to repair and resale. It is used to produce CSR reports and environmental KPIs that are shared with our customers.

7 – Diversity and inclusion

We firmly believe in the power of diversity and inclusion within our Bak2 structure. We pride ourselves on cultivating an environment where every member of our teams can be heard, respected and valued.

By embracing differences, we enrich everyone’s perspectives, stimulate innovation and foster a sense of belonging to our common social project.

Because of our SSE (Social and Solidarity Economy) status, we have ‘democratic’ governanceand a mission committee made up of ten members from within and outside Bak2. There is perfect 50/50 parity between men and women on our committee.

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