For associations

Raise funds by launching a solidarity collection of old digital products

Bak2 has the turnkey solution to help you receive financial donations through the collection of old IT equipment.

Receive IT equipment

Are you looking for digital products to equip your association or to redistribute? Bak2 has solidarity digital kits! Contact us.

Bak2 offers specific and individualised support to associations through a precise process.

Firstly, associations can recover old, unused digital products directly or through a collection network from their members and donors and then send them to Bak2 in exchange for financial compensation, thus providing them with an additional means of financing their mission. To date, more than €2 million has been donated to charities over the last 10 years.

We take care of all the logistics and communication tools needed to manage these solidarity collections.

Finally, we offer associations digital solidarity kits that are either sold at very low cost or donated, depending on the financial capacity and specific needs of each association.

This initiative aims to reduce the digital divide and strengthen solidarity within our society, enabling associations to fulfil their social mission.

Contact us to find out how many local, regional and national associations are benefiting from our services and support.

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