For distributors and ESNs

Buying back and taking over your customers’ equipment

Offer your customers the chance to buy back their old computers and mobile phones! Whatever the brand or condition, Bak2 will offer you financial recovery within 24 working hours and turnkey collection management.

Resell refurbished products to your customers

Follow the trend! Think about offering your customers digital computer or smartphone products, refurbished in France, certified and guaranteed for up to 3 years. Contact us or access our catalogue.

Bak2 works closely with digital resellers and Digital Service Companies (DSCs ) of all sizes so that they can offer their customers a complete end-of-life management offer and support.

We facilitate the recovery of old digital products from ESN customers and provide eco-responsible reconditioning solutions with guaranteed traceability and data erasure. Processing certificates are provided.

What’s more, ESN’s corporate clients can in turn benefit from quality products reconditioned by Bak2 and sustainable management of their equipment, while contributing to a circular and eco-responsible economy.

Contact us to find out how you can benefit from our services and access our online product offering.

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