For schools

Take-back of old IT products

Do you have old digital products from your classes, administrative or educational staff? Whatever the brand or condition, Bak2 can collect and pay for them.

Resale of reconditioned products

Equip your classes, schoolchildren, administrative and educational staff with digital computer and smartphone products, reconditioned in France, certified and guaranteed! Contact us or access our catalogue.

Bak2 offers a complete turnkey service to schools, whether private or public, for the management of their IT equipment and mobile phones or tablets:

  1. Firstly, we facilitate the recovery of old equipment, both functional and non-functional, by recycling it, which makes it possible to obtain initial financing for new equipment.

This process helps to reduce waste and reinforces the school’s social responsibility.

  • Secondly, we offer the possibility of purchasing 100% functional digital products to teachers and administrative teams, enabling the school to acquire quality equipment at an advantageous cost for its educational and administrative teams.
  • Finally, we also provide schools with equipment tailored to the needs of their pupils. We adapt to the various constraints that schools may have (brand, specificity, etc.)

Our commitment is to offer compliant, quality products to support education in an effective and eco-responsible way.

Contact us to find out how schools and colleges are benefiting from our services.

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