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Fleet buy-back

If you have a list of digital products to dispose of, whatever the brand or condition, Bak2 will offer you a financial takeover within 24 hours. Contact us

Fleet takeover

You don’t know the details of the digital products to be taken back? Bak2 manages the collection, identifies, diagnoses and values your fleet, whatever the brand or condition.

Resale of reconditioned products

Are you looking for digital computer or smartphone products, reconditioned in France, certified and guaranteed? Contact us or access our catalogue.

Bak2 not only offers partner companies a complete solution for managing the lifecycle of their IT (computers, screens, servers) and telephony/smartphone equipment, from the take-back to the resale of refurbished products, but also the CSR tools and reporting needed to measure the impact and ROI of their CSR actions around responsible digital technologies

We organise the recovery of the fleet of old digital products, whatever the brand, model, quantity and condition (functional or not), helping to reduce electronic waste and strengthen your corporate social responsibility (CSR).

Once the equipment has been diagnosed, cleansed of its data (personal and professional) and recycled, we submit a financial, environmental and CSR report, with the possibility of reinvesting these funds in the acquisition of a new fleet of digital products reconditioned in France, 100% functional and guaranteed for 1 to 3 years.

In this way, you can further improve your CSR policy while benefiting from quality technology at a lower cost.

Contact us to find out how our corporate customers, whether SMEs or major accounts, have benefited from our services.

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